A Black Hole Is The Scariest Object In The Universe
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A Black Hole Is The Scariest Object In The Universe

Can you survive a black hole?
Can you survive a black hole?

A black hole is one of the deadliest objects in space. So far, it is the scariest thing we know to exist. However, science has evolved, and we now have a better understanding of it. 

According to Roger Penrose, a Nobel Prized British mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, a black hole is a consequence of Einstein’s theory of gravity. Thanks to Andrea Ghez and Reinhard Genzel, both astrophysicists, we now know that our galaxy holds a massive abyss right at its center. 

The law of physics keeps everything in order, but they don’t apply to black holes. It is scary to think that it can suck anything from light to particles. However, speaking about the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy is even more concerning. 

According to science, black holes at the center of all galaxies are more powerful and insatiable than average. Not to say, if you were to be near one of these supermassive black holes, you would die shredded. However, not all of them are active. The active ones are called quasars

Deadly abyss

A black hole is born when a massive star dies; however, that’s not always the case. When a star explodes, it spreads its fuel across space. However, once exhausted, its core becomes the densest state of matter ever known to humans.

They are usually discovered when they orbit a normal star. Due to its darkest, it can be seen only in the light of another star. The first-ever confirmed black hole is called Cygnus X-1. However, scientists have discovered many more since then. 

Nothing can escape a black hole. As mentioned above, it absorbs everything, even light. According to Stephen Hawking, this space object has the power of “spaghettification,” which means it can separate molecules.

 Space beast

A black hole is dangerous in many ways; however, the most common fact is that it will suck anything in its way. The second reason why it is called a beast is due to its powerful radiation blast. In the quasar phase, it will blast high-energy radiation. A quasar is the brightest thing known to humans. 

Supermassive black holes 

We dont know everything about the vast space. However, the most giant black hole confirmed weighs 20 times the size of our solar system, which it orbits every three months. 

Although it is the most powerful thing in the universe, you could probably survive a supermassive black hole. According to science, its stretching force is weaker than an average black hole. Even if you supposedly survive, you won’t be able to tell the tale, or we won’t be able to hear it. 

Hawking believes that these space beasts are almost eternal. The scariest object in space is probably going to be the last thing that survives in the universe.