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When Breasts Go Through Major Changes – Is It Normal?

Throughout a woman’s life, the breast will change a lot. We’re here to tell you which changes are normal and when you should start worrying.

Signs And Doctor Visits

There are a few common signs of why this happens and these usually include hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, many women will also go through some unusual changes. Most of them do not imply that it is a danger to your health but make sure a doctor sees you especially if you are worried.

On these doctor visits, they will ask you questions about your family history your age and when did you first start noticing these changes. It is also relevant if you’re taking hormone replacement therapy. They might want to see the results of your mammograms and ultrasounds, and also take a full physical exam. Based on the result your doctor will be able to rule out some issues and diseases such as cancer.

Are These Changes Normal?

Breasts contain fat, veins, nerves, lymph nodes and milk systems. There are no muscles, but there is fibrous tissue. Some changes can happen “overnight,” and you may suddenly become aware of them. Breasts are responsive to hormones during the menstrual cycle. Hormones will increase, and you may feel your breast a bit swell.

They may also feel different when you lose or gain weight. So these changes can be completely normal, no need to worry before consulting a doctor.

Can It Be Cancer?

The normal changes pose no risk of breast cancer. But you should do screening for breast cancer, especially if you have a family history. All women should be aware of the changes in their breasts. If you see a change that’s not like the ones during hormonal changes, then you should talk to your doctor.

Some women get more worried than they should. Change in the breast is normal, but overthinking can lead to problems in sexuality, relationships. Keep in mind that mental health is also important.

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