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How to Stop Cat from Jumping on Counters

Cats are naturally curious and adventurous, and they like to explore their surroundings and climb on things. They also like to feel high up and in charge. If a cat has easy access to a windowsill, it will use that as a perch and observe what’s going on below.
Cats are drawn to heights, and climbing is a great exercise for them. It builds muscular strength, improves balance, and helps them stay limber. A cat climbing on your countertop or counter might seem like a big nuisance, but it’s a good sign that your cat is happy and healthy.
There are some things you can do to keep cats off countertops.

Give them options

However, if you give your cat another outlet for climbing and hiding, such as a cat tree or tower, they’ll love their new climbing structure and won’t want to jump on the counter.
By creating a climbing structure, you not only give them a place to relax and enjoy themselves but also provide an area for them to hide.
There are countless cat trees, cat towers, and cat condos, but many cats love the climbing structures made from stuff you already have lying around the house.

Limit access

Environmental deterrents such as baby gates placed near the counter or aluminum foil or parchment paper covering the counter can help, but first, it is necessary to determine what type of counter your cat is using. A barrier of 3-4 inches in height can be used around the counter, for example, a 3-inch high foam board (cut to size) or a 4-inch high cardboard tube.

Praise when your cat doesn’t jump

Instead of scolding your cat whenever they jump up on the counter, praise them instead. If they immediately stop jumping, offer a small treat as a reward. If they jump up again, give them another treat when they finally stop.

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