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CIA Official Experienced Havana Syndrome Symptoms while in India

U.S officials remain concerned and are investigating the case of a CIA official who has experienced symptoms related to the mysterious Havana Syndrome. This affliction has affected several U.S. officials, diplomats, and spies during trips to countries such as Cuba, India, or China. Cases have been reported since 2016, and symptoms include vomiting episodes, ear pain, headaches, loss of balance, and more.

CIA officials suffered from symptoms related to the Havana Syndrome

According to CNN, the CIA official was in India with the CIA Director William Burns this month, when he started experiencing strange symptoms, consistent with the mysterious illness. The CIA officer has received medical attention, and the event is not the only one in the past weeks. According to the same media outlet, other cases have been reported among Boden administration officials. Other U.S. personnel experienced similar symptoms as they were getting ready to receive Vice President Kamala Harris to Vietnam.

Incidents date back to 2016

Past incidents involving U.S. personnel in Cuba have been investigated as workers started to experience strange sensations in their bodies after hearing unusual sounds. Some of those who have experienced it describe that it feels as if hit by a sound wave. It is estimated that over 130 people working for the U.S. government have experienced symptoms attributed to the Havana Syndrome. It remains unclear who might be behind these attacks, and it is unlikely that U.S. officials will make accusations without evidence.

U.S. workers who have suffered from the incidents might receive financial compensation. The U.S. Senate has passed a Havana Act legislation, facilitating access to that financial payment for those who suffered from the Havana Syndrome. Most of the incidents took place overseas; however, some sources mention that there has been a case in the U.S., in the Washington area.

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