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Dash Cams: Essential for Protection against False Victims

More and more extortionists and false victims are reporting drivers to the police in an attempt to seek financial compensation. Drivers worldwide have been dealing with people faking hit-and-runs, and there is an easy and convenient way to protect yourself and other people driving your car: dash cams. These devices can be installed to record both the front and back of your car, and they are helpful during accidents because they record the traffic and incidents that need to be reported and protect yourself from crooks.

Tesla camera records man faking a car accident

A recent incident in Louisiana involved a Tesla car. A man faked a hit-and-run and called the police claiming the driver ran him over. The cameras onboard revealed that his allegations were false. Arthur Bates Jr. claimed that the Tesla driver backed his car when he backed him over. Then, the Tesla driver was accused of fleeing the scene and leaving him agonizing.

When the police tracked down and contacted the driver, they found out everything was a lie. The driver explained that Arthur jumped behind his car, and the entire incident was captured on his onboard camera. The police confronted Arthur, and the 47 years old man admitted he fabricated the event. He was arrested for false swearing, and he will have to face the consequences.

Dash cams are helpful for multiple reasons

When you want to prove that you are not to blame for an accident or when you want to fight the insurance company that does not want to pay your car’s reparations, a dashcam is your best ally. As many families share the same car, this is great to protect our loved ones as well. There are plenty of car cameras that can be purchased, and it is a great idea to choose those who cover both ends of the car.

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