Kidney stones pains
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The Best Diet Guide To Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are as painful as labor. However, with a proper diet, you can prevent feeling that pain again. 

According to science, the condition can be caused by medications, genetic disorders, and medical conditions. However, the “diet is a critical component for most patients,” says urologist Smita De, MD, PhD. Here are a few general tips you should try to include in your daily diet to save yourself some trouble. 


Drink about 2.5L of fluids every day. This will help water down your pee and prevent crystallization. Dehydration is a big issue for kidney stones, and many people don’t realize just how dehydrated they are. Avoid sugary drinks and certain teas, depending on the type of kidney stones you have. 

Calcium-rich foods

Don’t avoid eating calcium-rich foods. This type of diet will strengthen your bones and muscle. However, be careful with taking calcium supplements. This may worsen your situation as calcium oxalate stones. If a doctor does not recommend them, replace them with a proper diet. 

Reduce salt intake

A salt intake increases the chance of kidney stone formation. Therefore try reducing the salt intake to 1,500-2,000mg per day. Always pay attention to sodium intake. 

 Water with lemon and lime 

Citrate can destroy calcium stones from forming. Therefore adding lemon and lime juice in water is the best neutralizer. Try drinking half a cup every day on an empty stomach. 

Meat consumption 

A high amount of meat protein leads to stone formation. However, that doesn’t mean you have to exclude it from your diet. Just pay attention to the daily fish, chicken, pork, and red meat intake.


The best way to decrease the risk of kidney stones formation is to have a little more control over what you eat. Try to reduce the number of ingredients that promote the stone formation, and don’t hesitate to check in with your doctor for specific guidelines.