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Employees Of Henry Ford Health System Dropped Their Vax Mandate Federal Lawsuit

This week, over 50 employees filed their case for a temporary restriction order to suspend the mandate of the Detroit-based health system that comes into effect Friday. The vaccination mandate was argued by the staff to be unlawful, violating their rights and the freedom to refuse medical care.

A day after the announcement of President Biden that there were overwhelming federal vaccination needs affecting 100 million U.S. people, including health care providers that accept funds from Medicare and Medicaid, such as the hospital in case the case was dismissed.

Federal proceedings initiated on Friday — the hour before a motion hearing was set in Detroit by the staff of the Henry Ford Health System, which called for a vaccination requirement from Coronavirus for employees – were unexpectedly withdrawn.

The hearing that took place this Friday was terminated, and the lawsuit, to be handled by Judge Berg of the United States, has been rejected. Free press comments were not responded to by Kyle VonAllmen, the Clarkston-based lawyer who was the representative of the hospital workers.

Henry Ford was Michigan’s first medical center to proclaim that it would mandate Coronavirus vaccinations to be used by everyone. The statement at the end of June sets a deadline of Sept. 10 to completely vaccinate all employees. 91 percent of the 33,000 workers had fulfilled the vaccination obligation entirely by Thursday, and 3 percent took the initial shot of the vaccine.

The case was filed after employees received a letter announcing them of mandatory vaccination.

“Today, leaders across the System will be working with those team members who have not received the vaccine or filed for an exemption. We are committed to helping every team member meet our vaccination requirement and remain part of our Henry Ford family. Any team member who has not yet been vaccinated but demonstrates their commitment to getting vaccinated by receiving their first dose today or have an appointment scheduled with Employee Health can avoid suspension or voluntary resignation. There is still time to visit Employee Health to receive the vaccine,” read the letter.

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