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This is what Follow the Women is all about.
The media tells us what to believe about the Middle East, terrorism and the axis of evil. We enable women to find out for themselves. 

We organise bike rides through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine in the name of peace, showing solidarity with the women and children in the region and supporting human rights for all. 
Over 350 women from 40 countries take part and make up their own minds about the region based on their personal experiences.
350 women on bikes! Yes, it is an unusual site, which is why it continues to drive worldwide support, interest and coverage. 
Intrigued? Browse our site further for the women’s stories and our achievements including four playgrounds in the West Bank and Gaza.
Bike ride 2013
Click here to find out more about what happened
UK Fun Pedal for Peace Bike Ride
26 September 2010: Fun bike ride to celebrate International Peace Day supporting Pakistan Flood Appeal.
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Our Projects
Follow The Women in sponsoring numerous projects in the Middle East.