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Follow The Women support MAP’s emergency response in Gaza 2015 Follow The Women is delighted to announce that we have made a significant donation to MAP – Medical Aid for Palestine, to support their emergency response work in Gaza, as an international women’s pea... 16/05/2016 Palestine
Playground 5 - Jenin In September 2014, Follow The Women International sponsored a new playground project in Jenin in Palestine, joining forces with Follow The Women Denmark and The Danish House in Palestine to make this ... 16/05/2016 Palestine
Bike Ride 2013 - UAE - FreeWheeler's article In February, Princeton FreeWheeler member, Caroline Argento Spoeneman and 122 other women with 17 different nationalities, biked through all seven of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This oil-rich ki... 15/02/2013 United Arab Emirates
Playgrounds 3 & 4 - Gaza Following the success of the playgrounds that Follow The Women has established in Jericho and Al Ram in the West Bank, we continued our fundraising efforts and have been able to commission two more p... 08/05/2011 Middle East
"How it all started" - Rasha, Jordan It all started over a phone with a good friend of mine “Fotouh Younis” – Country Coordinator in 2007. I was back then working as an Event Coordinator in a private company, I remember... 08/05/2011 Jordan
UK Bike Ride for International Peace Day To celebrate International Peace Day, Follow the Women hosted a fun bike ride in support of the Pakistan Flood Appeal. On Sunday 26 September at 10.00am, the riders all set off from  Palm... 26/09/2010 United Kingdom
FTW & International Peace Day in the South of Serbia PBILD and Generator recognized 21st September, International Peace Day in the South of Serbia Every year since 2006 Serbian youth NGO, Generator from Vranje, recognizes International Peace Day. This ... 21/09/2010 Serbia
Shirley's Story I have known Detta Regan since I was youth club member at 13 years old. I went on her first youth exchange in 1980 to Rotterdam aged 14 and on 10 other youth exchanges around Europe during the 80... 13/09/2010 United Kingdom
Lilly Ann's Story “ I follow Betsy!”  I have known Betsy for many years and she introduced me to travelling and cycling, and together we have cycled in Uruguay, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico an... 11/09/2010 United States of America
Luisa's Story I have been involved many Follow The Women bike rides and I have been the Country Coordinator for Italy in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  I was born in Tripoli, Libia, North Africa and lived there until 1... 11/09/2010 Italy
I had an idea... I should have learned by now that when my boss Detta Regan comes into the office with a certain look on her face and says ‘...I’ve had an idea’.. it will mean something that is pro... 16/07/2010 United Kingdom
Follow The Women Link Up with Specialized Follow The Women are proud to announce that they have gained the support of Specialized, the leading manufacturer of top quality bikes and accessories. So how did this happen?   Mio Yamasa... 24/05/2010 United Kingdom
FTW meets CCE In May 2010 FTW teams from the UK, Italy and Japan desecended on Santa Cruz, California.  Why?   Well, during the 2009 FTW bike ride in the Middle East, the Californian par... 19/05/2010 United States of America
Betsy's Presentation On 18th May 2010, Betsy Schwartz, gave a wonderful presentation on her Follow The Women experience.  Betsy is a member of the Californian FTW team.  There were 6 women from California ... 18/05/2010 United States of America
Betsy's Story Educated in Quaker schools, serving in the US Peace Corps for two years in Guatemala, and working 25 years as a middle school counsellor with migrant Mexican children, I was deeply interested in basic... 17/05/2010 United States of America
Trustees attended National Syria Day Reception On Tuesday 20th April, Detta Regan, founder of  Follow The Women, along with 4 other FTW Trustees attended a reception to celebrate National Syria Day.  The women were al... 20/04/2010 United Kingdom
Denmark FTW Denmark has been participating in Follow the Women’s international Pedal for Peace Ride since the first bike ride in 2004 – the recent two years sending a team consisting of 20 Danish ... 26/02/2010 Denmark
Playground 2 - Al Ram Following the success of the playground project in Aqbat Jabr in Jericho,  Follow The Women have now completed the next one!  This next project is in the town of Al Ram which spans t... 23/10/2009 United Kingdom
Bike ride 2009 The fifth Follow the Women bike ride took place in October 2009 with nearly 250 women representing more than 30 nationalities taking part. It was agreed that this was the most successful and product... 22/10/2009 Middle East
Follow The Women Award 2009 Award of the FTW prize 2009 This award is given each year to a passionate person (or a group  or a project), who has made a difference for his/her fellow human beings, and who is working for pe... 20/10/2009 Denmark
Italian book - Segui le donne   In 2008, the Italian Follow The Women team included an author, who has now written a book about her experiences on the bike ride.  This book has been published. &... 21/09/2009 Italy
FTW International Conference 2009 Follow the Women organisation has developed over the last 5 years and became a registered charity in the UK in 2008.  Detta Regan and the Trustees of the Charity recognise the need to develop the... 05/06/2009 United Kingdom
United States of America After seeing an article in the Jordan Times in June 2003, about Detta and Martha.  The USA Team took part in the first bike ride in 2004. Participation in 2005 and 2007 with larger teams.&nb... 04/06/2009 United States of America
Susie's thoughts Marhaba (“Hello”) • Families who came out their houses and across fields to see us cycling past • Smiling children at the side of the roads, wanting ‘high fives... 04/06/2009 United Kingdom
Canada Canada... 04/06/2009 Canada
United Arab Emirates The first time somebody joined the international FTW ride for PEACE was in 2005. The team was made up of one participant. The team today, 2008, has tripled to 6 active members and a few other suppor... 04/06/2009 United Arab Emirates
Japan Japan  ENTER PAGE COPY HERE... 04/06/2009 Japan
Turkey The Turkish team has been involved with FTW since 2004.  Taking part in the 2004, 2005, 2007 and this our fourth year participating in the 2008 ride.  As FTW is getting more and more media... 04/06/2009 Turkey
Jordan Jordan are hosting this years FTW Pedal For Peace bike ride, 8/9/10 May 2008. We have pleasure in announcing the patronage of Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Having Arab local participants riding togethe... 04/06/2009 Jordan
Germany   We have been involved with FTW since 2005.  We are a small team this year, taking part in FTW for the third year.  We are working on bringing a larger team next year. We are working... 04/06/2009 Germany
Italy We have been involved with FTW since 2003.   Also taking part in the 2005 and 2007 ride.  This year we have a strong team of 20 women from all over Italy from many different... 04/06/2009 Italy
United Kingdom As the founder of Follow The Women lives in the UK, the UK team have been involved from the start in 2004.  The 2008 UK team is made up of ordinary women of all ages and different backgrounds,... 03/06/2009 United Kingdom
Playground Project - Jericho During the bike ride in 2008, the Follow The Women bikers visited the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp in Jericho.  This is one of the oldest camps in the West Bank, and in 1948 around 70,000 people ... 30/05/2009 United Kingdom
Bike Ride 2007  In April 2007 the women from more than 30 countries began the ride in Aleppo, Syria, in a departure from the route of previous rides.  After travelling to Lattakia they were joined on the r... 21/04/2009 Middle East
Donation to Gaza Following the invasion of Gaza at the start of 2009,  Follow The Women decided to make a donation of £1000 towards the support efforts.  The donation was made to DEC Gaza Crisis, which... 21/02/2009 United Kingdom
Medical Kits to Gaza FTW Jordanian team sent raised funds, sourced, packed and shipped 1000 domestic medical kits to GAza during the conflict.  They liaised with UNWRA to establish exactly what was required in Gaza a... 15/01/2009 Jordan
Candlelit Vigil  In December 2008 and January 2009 Gaza, Palestine was invaded.   As the world watched in horror, many people across the globe felt they had to act and do something to urge the violence... 15/01/2009 United Kingdom
Heritage to Here The theme is From Heritage to Here This was a youth exchange to Palestine where 15 young people from across Wokingham Borough and 15 young people from Jericho in the West Bank took part. ... 27/07/2008 United Kingdom
U.S. Team Presents Iran Team with Peace Cranes Ora McGuire is an 85 year old resident of Walpole, Massachusetts, USA whose spiritual contribution to world peace is to make paper cranes using Japanese origami technique.  She gives a peace cran... 09/05/2008 United States of America
Bike Ride 2008 FTW 2008 Pedal For Peace in the Middle East took place on 3rd to 14th May 2008.  Nearly 400 women representing more than 30 nationalities arrived in Beirut on 2nd May for the fourth 'Follow the ... 01/05/2008 Middle East
Fun Hut The Fun hut is an independent Palestinian, non-governmental and non profitable youth group that was formed in 2006.  The group is dependent on voluntary workers. It's main purpose is to organise ... 21/06/2006 Palestine
Bike Ride 2005  The second FTW cycle ride took place from 15th to the 25th September 2005. Approximately 250 women took part with ages ranging from 19 to 70! The cyclists covered a distance of almost 320 kil... 15/09/2005 Middle East
Girls United Girls United was born out of the conference at the end of Follow The Women in 2004 in Jordan.  Each group was lead by a Follow The Women member. Girls United brought together girls from Lebanon... 01/04/2005 United Kingdom
Counselling Project Following the first Follow The Women bike ride and conference in 2004, it was that any funds raised from sponsorship would go towards funding a counselling project in Ramallah.  The aim of t... 21/11/2004 United Kingdom
Bike Ride 2004 The first FTW cycle ride took place from 16th to the 23rd April 2004. Approximately 270 women took part with ages ranging from 19 years to 60. Mothers rode with daughters, friends rode with strangers... 16/04/2004 Middle East