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Friday February 26 2010
FTW Denmark has been participating in Follow the Women’s international Pedal for Peace Ride since the first bike ride in 2004 – the recent two years sending a team consisting of 20 Danish women.
FTW Denmark is a very active network – also outside the FTW bike ride.
Each year FTW Denmark award the ‘Follow The Women Prize’ to a woman who has done something outstanding for her fellow human beings and has contributed to peace through dialogue and reflection. Among previous prizewinners are a Palestinian woman who runs an orphanage in East Jerusalem and a woman  from Iraq seeking asylum in Denmark.
Throughout the year we organize debate meetings for members with different speakers who give their view on the peace process and the current situation in the Middle East. We also have social and cultural activities, like fundraising, participattion in Women’s International Day, attending peace demonstrations, and watching exhibitions and movies revolving around the Middle East.
Finally, we also organize events that are open to the public  enhancing understanding and awareness about the situation in the Middle East. We give talks in public places, like schools and libraries, and have also invited speakers from the Middle East to Copenhagen. 
In 2010 we are organizing a photo-exhibition with pictures from the FTW-bike rides that will tour to five different venues in Denmark. The exhibition will be combined with public talks  and will run until June 2010.
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