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Thursday June 04 2009

The Turkish team has been involved with FTW since 2004.  Taking part in the 2004, 2005, 2007 and this our fourth year participating in the 2008 ride.  As FTW is getting more and more media coverage in Turkey, this year the Turkish team is 21 women.

The Turkish team are planning to host the FTW 2008 conference in Istanbul later this year.

We have been active and focusing on media coverage.  We are getting contact with TV, radio and written media means and trying to create awareness in Turkey.

The First Lady of Turkey, Ms Emine Erdogan, has kindly agreed to sponsor the Turkish team's participation for the second time. (The first support we received was in 2005).  Our participation in 2004 was sponsored by the British Council.

The Turkish Team are mainly made up of members from both Istanbul and Ankara.
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