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Fun Hut
Wednesday June 21 2006

The Fun hut is an independent Palestinian, non-governmental and non profitable youth group that was formed in 2006.  The group is dependent on voluntary workers. It's main purpose is to organise children activities such as fun days, birthday parties, Christmas Parties, summer camps and visits to schools & nurseries.

The Fun Hut organises a variety of children’s activities with a wide network of children’s organisations & centres across Palestine.  Their work focuses on the use of Entertainment in Education to assist in the development of children. The children are able to play freely and can get involved in a number of games and activities including amateur clowns, characters, balloons shaping, handcrafts and dancing.

The group is funded solely by limited donations from the organisations & centres they work with and these donations only cover materials and travel costs between the cities.

Fun Hut Members

The Fun Hut is run mainly by 15 members, with the help of around 50 others volunteers from all regions in the West Bank. The 15 members were selected following their remarkable participation in many youth exchanges, camps & meetings.  They have become members in the group because of their love of voluntary work & social activities.